Where’s the Weary?

Gene (’69) and Marcia (’53) Weary
Weary CenterJust a note to compliment you on your winter issue and to ask how you missed including the “elephant in the room,” namely the Marion and Marian Weary Center for Health and Fitness on page 23. Marion and Marian are no longer with us, but theirs was no small gift. I know it has been recognized already, but shouldn’t it be on the list?



A few people noted the Weary Center’s absence on that list of structures on the final page of our winter cover story, “Taking Shape: Envisioning a Future Campus”.

That list referred to the 10 buildings completed in a 25-year period of rapid growth for the university from 1956 to 1981. The Weary Center was not included on that list because it was completed in 1996.

Regardless, it is impossible to overstate the transformative impact that the Weary Center—and the university’s other newer facilities—have had on the campus since that time.

Named campus buildings completed since 1982 include:

  • Marion and Marian Weary Center for Health and Fitness (1996)
  • Heim Hall (2002)
  • White Hall (2002)
  • Holder House (2002)
  • Huge House (2002)
  • Heuermann House (2002)
  • Unvert House (2002)
  • Another townhouse, also completed in 2002, remains unnamed.