Howling Success

William W. McDermet III (’57)
The 2009 homecoming was a “howling” success and then some. My wife Sheral and I were first given an extended tour of the campus by Linda [Birkes-Lance] from the Advancement Office. NWU has come a long way since the mid ‘50s!
We had never experienced such poise from undergraduates.

I dropped by the English Department and a professor warmly greeted me. I mentioned that I had minored in English with Harold Hall, whom I greatly admired and who stimulated my creative writing. I remarked that our sister-in-law, Susan Yates, had been a part-time instructor in the department, and she remembered her. As I left she presented me with a stapler which reads: “NWU English Department.”

I rejoiced at the outcome of the football game where we defeated Midland Lutheran in the last minute. What really impressed me was that Wesleyan dressed about 110 students for the game. That was a way of recognizing each player.

Prarie Wolf Reads an NWU YearbookAfter the game I was greeted by a smiling President Ohles who warmly asked where I was living, what years did I attend Wesleyan, etc.

Although Sheral did not graduate in 1959 (she did from TCU) she was welcomed as one-of-the-class, and the ’59 gathering at the Cornhusker was enjoyable. She also appreciated the 50th gathering of the Phi Mu pledges.

We liked the band concert; yet the outstanding event of the weekend, by far, was the presentation by the Department of Theatre Arts: “APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE!” We were transformed by the quality of the 30+ students with their singing, dancing and stage presence. We had never experienced such poise from undergraduates. Wow.

There is something very good happening around 50th and St. Paul in Lincoln.