International Interlibrarian Loan - Scholarship lends NWU librarian to South Asian libraries

Interlibrary loans—where different libraries share resources with each other so that a patron at one library can benefit from the collections of another—happen countless times each day. It’s common stuff. After all, loaning books is what libraries do.Barbara Cornelius’s Fulbright will fund her return to Asia.

Thanks to a Fulbright Scholarship, Nebraska Wesleyan’s Cochrane-Woods Library is taking this concept one step further.

This fall, NWU is “loaning” Associate Professor of Library Science Barbara Cornelius to several libraries in South Asia.

Cornelius is head of library technology at NWU. The Fulbright Scholarship she earned enables her to travel for several months to research software-based library technologies in Bangladesh and Nepal.

A previous research trip to Kolkata, India, sparked Cornelius’s interest in exploring how technology shapes academic research across South Asia. “Open-Source software requires a committed local support community,” she said. “While India is moving ahead in library technology, there is a possibility that smaller South Asian countries may not be able to keep up.”

Cornelius intends to use her Fulbright experience to study both the challenges that academic libraries in these countries face and the solutions they employ to address them.

Cornelius is the third NWU professor to earn Fulbright support in the past two years.

Associate Professor of History Meghan Winchell used her scholarship to teach in Estonia in 2011-2012.

And Professor of English Gerise Herndon used a Fulbright Specialists Grant to teach for six weeks at Banaras Hindu University in India this fall.

Here’s hoping that the libraries in Bangladesh and Nepal are prompt in returning borrowed resources. The late fees on internationally-loaned librarians can get pretty steep.