No Skin off My Back

Peter A. Thomsen (’64)

I’ve wondered, after 48 years, why I peruse offerings from Nebraska. I have very little to do with, and, in fact, have little interest in, things in that part of the world.

But I’ve had recent conversations with my 94-year-old mother regarding donation of her skin to the Shrine Burn Centers upon her “departure.” I had a conversation with the Potentate of Sphinx Temple, AAONMS, pursuant to her desire. He informed me that improvements and DNA research had lessened the need for skin donations.

Your article, “Live by the Gun” (summer 2012), was both timely and informative. It answered numerous questions pertaining to skin and burn treatments. I have shared this information with Mom and have put her mind at ease in this matter.

This note is just to let you know that, sometimes, something unanticipated and good takes place. Thank you.