A Streetcar Named Vice

Kim Lehl, NWU’s accountant

My sisters and I were going through family papers this weekend, and found the attached article referencing Nebraska Wesleyan. I thought I’d pass it along to you.

A streetcar runs down St. Paul Avenue in this circa 1906 photo looking east from what is now 49th Street. The C. C. White Building is visible in the background. The house on the left serves today as one of the NWU’s residential theme houses.

The Streetcar Comes to Havelock

Between the Burlington and the Rock Island railroads Havelock’s citizens could “flag” a train to Lincoln every few minutes. However, in October 1893, a franchise to operate an electric street railway between the two cities, via University Place, was sought by the traction company. The petition was immediately challenged by the city officials of University Place, who feared the connection would allow Nebraska Wesleyan students too-easy access to Havelock’s considerably more liberal establishments and more specifically its saloons. Havelock retaliated by threatening to license a saloon on its extreme southern boundary. Wesleyan officials and the University Place city council realized this was tantamount to a saloon on their northern city limits and withdrew their objection. The streetcar line followed, though a mob later attempted to burn the bridge between the two villages.