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For Nebraska Wesleyan’s upcoming 125th anniversary, President Fred Ohles asked you to tell us what NWU means to you in 125 words. Merna Greer hit 125 on the nose, describing how she felt on a gorgeous spring day on the brink of her graduation. It reminds us that there’s nothing final about finishing that last final. Our connection to this place is lifelong.

What Nebraska Wesleyan Means to Me

by Merna M. Greer (’60)

I have a very clear memory of sitting on a bench under a large tree north of Old Main grieving because it would be my last day at Nebraska Wesleyan. In a very real sense, Wesleyan had become “home” for me. I had been there longer than I had lived in some towns prior to enrolling. I had found friends, acceptance, challenge and success. The campus was beautiful on that early spring day, and I knew how much I would miss it.

But Nebraska Wesleyan had equipped me well for the future. My dormitory experience with a wonderful roommate helped me learn much about relationships. The academic background was sound and the self-esteem I had gained all contributed positively to a future that was much richer.