People and Culture

By Thom Jackman (’84)

Too many Americans delay saving for retirement at the start of their careers. But it’s more important to start early than it is to start strong.

By Abigail Mitchell

The vast majority of Americans will marry in their lifetime. Sadly, approximately 43 percent of those marriages will end in divorce. The good news is that researchers have identified factors that

Fred Ohles

Busy professionals are pulled in a number of directions. When something must go, many of us abandon exercise- with real costs to our health and well-being.

By Gary Plank

Keep these things in mind as you try to gauge other people’s truthfulness.

By Eric Wendt ('99)

In college, you had the benefit (and burden) of professors telling you what to read. Now you read what you want. Huge bookstores and online shopping have exponentially increased access.

By Rachelle Hadley

For many of us, having to throw a party is no cause for celebration.

By Gerise Herndon

If you've ever wanted to travel to a less frequented tourist destination but felt unsure about the newness, here are a few ideas for traveling off the beaten path in Africa- the continent where