Mystery Photo

The hair and now.

Hearing your feedback on our last Mystery Photo was like an excellent hair day for us.

The gentleman is Eric Lyons and the young lady is Joanna Rempe. The person Eric is calling is Brock Gregory.
-Tyler Lemkau (’05)

The gentleman is Eric Lyons, the lady is Joanna Rempe, and I think I might be on the other end of the phone trying to figure out what time we were going out that night. Great pic. I haven’t seen that in years!
-Jon Urbom (’05)

This is a fairly recent photo. The guy is Eric Lyons and he played soccer. The girl is Joanna Rempe. I’m pretty sure Joanna graduated in 2005 and Eric, too. Eric may have been 2006. Good question on whom he is calling. Probably a buddy in the dorms to tell him, “Hey, come up here and check out my hair!”
-Sarah Ahrens (’05)

Mystery Photo

Reel men like foriegn films, Fall 2011

Reel men like foreign films

Who was running the projector at this NWU foreign film festival?