Why We Have College

Larry Dunbar (’60) Golden Valley, Minnesota

I read your interesting article in the summer issue of Archways regarding the book Academically Adrift (Books).

There is another article in the June 6, 2011, issue of the New Yorker on the same book. The article is titled “Live and Learn – why we have college” by Louis Menand. This article includes a lengthy discussion of the book, in addition to several other studies, besides the author’s experience as a college instructor.

I feel that the article strongly supports a liberal arts education, and should be required reading for everyone connected to NWU! The article cites the fact that students who attend liberal arts colleges have higher Collegiate Learning Assessment scores on average than those who attend non-liberal arts schools (engineering, education, computer science, etc.).

I hope the New Yorker article can be referred to in the next Archways as a follow-up to your review.

Click to see the New Yorker article.