Standing the Test of Time

Judith Maurer (’69) Tampa, Florida

Not long ago, my husband Keith (’69) and I traveled for two weeks in eastern Turkey exploring the ancient sites and enjoying a warm welcome from Turks everywhere we traveled.

At the ancient city of Harran in southern Turkey near the Syrian border, we visited the ruins of Islam’s first university. As we looked down on the excavation, what did we see but an archway! We couldn’t help but look at it and think of Nebraska Wesleyan and the arches there.

While we’re grateful that goats don’t munch away around the arches at NWU, it’s nice to know that this archway has stood since the eighth century.

The work that staff, faculty, alumni and friends do to advance this university and the gifts we all make to the Archway Fund are important. They will help our university stand the test of time.

Maurer co-directs the Archway Fund National Committee with her husband, Keith Maurer (’69).