Gary Plank, "How to Spot a Liar"
Gary is an assistant professor of forensic science. Prior to joining Nebraska Wesleyan’s Forensic Science Program, he served on the Nebraska State Patrol’s Investigative Services Division as a criminal investigator and the state’s only behavior profiler. He has presented extensively on threat assessment, workplace and school violence, stalking, criminal sexuality and homicide issues. Gary won Nebraska Wesleyan’s Margaret J. Prouty Faculty Teaching Award in 2009.

Rachelle Hadley, “How to Throw a Party”
As Nebraska Wesleyan’s events coordinator, Rachelle is in charge of planning for functions ranging from small alumni gatherings that fill living rooms to outdoor commencement ceremonies, which fill Taylor Commons. No matter the size, events planning requires endurance, which Rachelle—an avid runner and cyclist—has in spades.

Janelle Andreini, “Prairie Wolves in Print”
As director of the Career and Counseling Center at Nebraska Wesleyan, Janelle works with current students and alumni on everything from major and career exploration to job and internship search planning to graduate school exploration and preparation. Working one-on-one with students is her favorite part of her job. Janelle loves assisting students as they consider who they are and how they see their skills and values aligning with their future goals, and she thrives in the academic environment of a college campus. Janelle lives in Lincoln with her husband John, their two daughters, Rachel and Chloe, and a slightly goofy dog named Moose.

Benjamin Voldman, illustrator, “The How To Issue”
Ben was born in a small town in France and since that day has been moving from city to city exploring the world and working as an illustrator. His past clients include Town & Country, Runner’s World and Manhattan Magazine. He now lives in New York City with his cat, Jonah. He loves painting, his cat and the color orange. (On other days, his favorite color is sky blue.)


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