Ferraro furthers psychology research, wins Prouty

Are psychologists scientists?

That we even ask the question points to a problem in the common notion of psychology, said Assistant Professor of Psychology Frank Ferraro. TV and movies create the notion that psychology is just about therapy, and that therapy is more about being a good listener than it is being a good scientist.

Ferraro would like to change that. “My job is to show students the science side of psychology.”

He believes in the clinical research of behavior and is a vocal advocate for collaborative research with students and faculty. “The time we have in lecture and lab is limited. I look at Nebraska Wesleyan’s Student/Faculty Collaborative Research Fund as another classroom where I get to work one-on-one with students.”

His success in supporting psychology students in the lab garnered Ferraro the 2010 Margaret J. Prouty Teaching Award. The award recognizes and rewards NWU faculty for the pursuit of excellence in teaching.

“Science needs people who can answer questions and solve problems,” Ferraro said. “We’re fostering scientists. That’s why I like it here. I know it matters.”