Mystery Photo

Paula Buckley ('71)

Identity Plucked

It's no surprise so many 1970s alumni remember this flower child and her high wattage smile.

I believe this is Paula Buckley. I think she graduated between ‘70 and ‘72.

—Charles Timken (‘70)

Just got my Archways. That mystery pic is, of course, the incredibly beautiful Paula Buckley.

—Robert Schlumberger (’71)

I believe I know that the person in the Mystery Photo is Paula Buckley who graduated in 1971. She was from Hastings and was a member of Phi Mu Sorority.

—Marie Bianco Blair (‘74)

As usual, as soon as my new Archways arrived, I turned to the Mystery Photo, and I was so excited that—at last—there was a picture of someone I knew! That radiant co-ed is Paula Buckley (‘71), May Fete Queen for 1971. Paula was a Phi Mu sister, one year ahead of me.

—Carol (Wilken) Janoff (‘72)

The million-dollar smile in the summer 2010 Archways issue belongs to my fellow Phi Mu sorority member, Paula Buckley, class of 1971, from Hastings, Neb. I recall that she was a Letter Girl also, among her other activities during her time at NWU.

—B. J. Smith Good (’69)

I’d recognize that beautiful smile anywhere. It belongs to Paula Buckley. The photo was taken during the May Fete of 1971 and Paula was May Fete queen that year. Thanks for the memory.

—Tom Meedel (’71)

That’s Paula Buckley, a 1971 graduate. Paula was a sorority sister in Phi Mu. We just reconnected on Facebook and that same smile is still there!

—Karen Ricker (’71)

Paula Buckley is the girl behind that wonderful smile, and she had a personality that matched it. I think she was a cheerleader, and I know she was a member of the Phi Mu sorority because she influenced my decision to join.

That was quite an accomplishment at the time because an undercurrent of rebellion was sweeping across college campuses. My best friend and I deactivated after our sophomore year, but I still have fond memories of the time I lived in the Phi Mu house and lots of admiration for Paula and many other women I got to know there.

—Connie (Smeaton) Wolfman (’72)

The lady with the powerful, flowerful smile is Paula Buckley from Hastings, Neb. Paula always had a vivacious smile and a joyous personality. She and I graduated from Hastings High School in 1967. We attended Nebraska Wesleyan together for two years (1967-1969), then I transferred to UNL to meet USAF ROTC requirements.

—David Wolf

Mystery Photo

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