Frank (Don's Dog)Donald Paoletta, “Field Notes”
Donald—represented here by proxy by his dog, Frank—has taught art history at Nebraska Wesleyan since 1993.
He responds to an interesting development in the study of Michelangelo’s work. While Donald earned his Ph.D. in the Italian Renaissance, his recent interests have pointed toward Asian history and the art and culture of Thailand in particular.

Tim and Judy ThietjeTim Thietje, “Pride and Ownership”
Tim joined Nebraska Wesleyan University as associate vice president of advancement in 2008. He brings to NWU 18 years of experience working in development at a large public university. His experience at a tax-supported institution gives him an appreciation for the importance of annual giving programs at independent universities. He sees the special significance of NWU’s Archway Fund.

He and his wife, Judy, visited Saipan this summer where his father served in WWII. While there, he learned several high school students from the island were interacting with NWU theatre faculty at a thespian festival in Lincoln, reaffirming his appreciation of Nebraska Wesleyan’s global reach. Their son, Tyler, will graduate from NWU’s Wesleyan Advantage Program in December.

Dan Page and daughtersDan Page, Illusrator, “Adaptation”
Dan is a freelance illustrator working out of his home studio in Cambridge, Ontario. Graduating from art school in 1992, he has created editorial illustrations for nearly 20 years and continues to love every minute of it. Dan is married with three daughters who drive him mad stealing his pencils. Luckily, they put those pilfered pencils to excellent use, creating their own fabulous work. Dan’s clients include: Time, Newsweek, Forbes and Rolling Stone, to name a few. You can see his work at


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