Marian (Heiss) Price '59

Little did Marian Price know when she enrolled at Nebraska Wesleyan at age 16, that her course of study would result in a 22-year career in public service. Price attended Wesleyan for a year, transferring to the Bryan Memorial Hospital School of Nursing, where she graduated in 1959. Though she set aside the health care field to raise her family, in 1974 she began volunteer work on several campaigns that ignited her interest in political activism.

Throughout her service, Price’s dedication to her work demonstrated that she was both qualified for political life and driven to create a better community. In 1984 she first ran for the Lincoln Board of Education and served fourteen years in that role. She then ran for the Nebraska Legislature, serving two terms, leaving under term limits. Adamant about being on the floor when the Unicameral was in session, Price adhered to a strict schedule involving meetings, greeting visitors, attending legislative briefings, working after hours in her office and serving on committees. Outside of session, she spent the majority of her time interacting with the constituents of her legislative district.

Price has pursued many legislative interests, but most of her proposed legislation focused on health care and education. One of her priority bills provided funds for student loans to encourage nurses with their bachelor's degree to pursue a master's degree. Its objective was to address the shortage of nursing instructors in Nebraska. Another of her priorities was to increase state funding for Early Childhood Education, which would better prepare young children to learn as they entered kindergarten.

As for her political success, Price credits not only the confidence and assistance of her family and friends, but being in the right place at the right time. Now that her term as State Senator is complete, she continues gauging the political climate and needs and following legislation. She makes herself available as a resource for other state senators and actively volunteers with organizations such as the American Red Cross, hospice, and the Lincoln Public Schools. She also enjoys spending time with her four children and five grandchildren, two of whom are Nebraska Wesleyan graduates.