H. Lawrence Sandall '57

Larry Sandall ’57 can keep a secret. He can also keep the right people in the know. It’s a combination that served Sandall well through 34 years at the Central Intelligence Agency.

Sandall’s father, a Methodist minister, attended Wesleyan and encouraged his son to do the same. After graduation, Sandall studied Southeast Asia at Harvard. While there, he received a postcard invitation to call if he was interested in working in federal service. He called and accepted an interview with a CIA representative. That phone call began a long application process to the CIA in 1959.

After one year, Sandall joined the Agency’s 24 Hours Operation Center. He collected and verified news feeds much like a news service does, but with access to classified feeds, such as those coming from foreign embassies and military services.

Over the years, Sandall held several positions at the Agency including Senior Duty Officer, Chief of the Foreign Broadcast Information Wire Services Staff, Chief of the CIA Operations Center, Executive Secretary to the Director and Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Secretariat. In 1990, Sandall joined the U.S. Department of Transportation to help battle the growing threat of terrorism in the U.S.

Sandall retired in 1993 and received the Career Intelligence Medal for Exceptional Achievement.

He lives in North Carolina with his wife Myrna, a retired professional clown, whom he met at Wesleyan. He credits her humor for much of their success as a family. They have one son, one daughter, and five granddaughters.