Eligibility and Enrollment


Students must have junior or senior status and be enrolled for the entire semester/year in a course approved for Wesleyan Honors Academy credit that is being taught by a qualified Wesleyan Honors Academy adjunct instructor.  All Honors Academy instructors and courses for each high school are listed on the Courses and Instructors page.
Although the high school teacher serves an important role in counseling students interested in Honors Academy and assessing their likely level of success, it is recommended that students should have a B+ or better average in their previous high school courses.


To enroll for Nebraska Wesleyan credit, a student must complete an Honors Academy registration form distributed by his/her high school instructor. The form includes:

  • the conditions of credit, including the title of the high school course and the comparable Nebraska Wesleyan course
  • the college credits available
  • tuition amounts
  • enrollment/withdrawal deadlines.

A parent or guardian must sign the enrollment form giving permission for the student to enroll in the Honors Academy and agreeing to pay the tuition.

Enrollment in Honors Academy for college credit is not a high school activity and is not required. Students may be enrolled in the advanced high school course and not in Nebraska Wesleyan’s Honors Academy. If the student drops the high school course, he/she must also drop the Nebraska Wesleyan course by the deadline stated on the enrollment form for a refund of tuition. If a student withdraws from the Wesleyan course after the deadline, a refund will not be granted. Failure to follow withdrawal procedures will result in a grade of “F” on the transcript.

Enrollment in Honors Academy does not translate into application and admission to Wesleyan University as a full-time student after high school.  Honors Academy students who are interested in attending Wesleyan University after high school graduation should contact the Wesleyan Admissions Office.