Past Performances

2014-15 Season

Robbie Hart’s job is to make other people’s wedding receptions a dream come true. But his wedding was a nightmare. Maybe the lovely Julia could help him out of his despair—if she wasn’t engaged to some Wall Street type.

Karsten Bernick’s entire life is a lie he’ll do just about anything to protect.

2013-14 Season

This new musical for mature audiences is “lovingly ripped off” from the motion picture, “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”.

The Big Apple meets the Midwest in this Broadway comedy about families and felonies.

This Pulitzer Prize-winning romantic comedy features a zany, lovable family of xylophone players, ballerina dancers, firework inventors and various other hobby collectors.

Set sail for England on the S.S. American with all its lovers, stowaways, mobsters, ministers and misfits in this beloved Cole Porter musical.

Antigone defies governmental authority by choosing, against the orders of Creon, to bury her deceased brother’s body in this tragedy.

Every performance is different in its combination of songs and stories.

This Dickens classic and Nebraska Wesleyan University Christmas tradition is back with a whole new look and more exciting holiday magic.

Join “Ernest” and his friends as they discover the joy of love, wit and tea.

NWU’s production of this comedy horror rock musical features an intricate flesheating plant. “Feed me, Seymour!”

Woody Allen’s first professionally produced play.

Romp through the forest with fairies, lovers and some of Shakespeare’s most comic characters.

Experience the theatrical wonder of this global sensation in NWU Theatre’s climactic production of the year.

2012-13 Season

Broadway dancers audition for spots on a chorus line in this 1975 musical.

Tito Merelli is the famous opera tenor, “Il Stupendo.” Before his next performance, his wife discovers an autograph-seeker in his hotel room, takes her for a secret lover and leaves him.

This hilarious, semi-autobiographical play draws the portrait of a Jewish-American family as seen through the eyes of a 15-year-old boy.

Tom's father abandoned the family long ago, leaving him with the dull responsibility of supporting his mother and sister.

Frederic becomes free from his apprenticeship with the Pirates of Penzance on his 21st birthday.

Count Dracula is determined to transplant his particular brand of evil from Transylvania to England.

Every performance is different in its combination of songs and stories.

America’s longest running touring company, National Players, will make a stop at Nebraska Wesleyan University to perform “Animal Farm.”

It’s 1929. Two ambitious visionaries race against each other to invent a device called “television.”

This collection of Christmas musical numbers, stories and skits will get you in the holiday spirit.

Natives of Inishmaan are excited to learn of a Hollywood film crew’s arrival in neighboring Inishmore to make a documentary about life on Ireland’s Aran Islands.

Sorority girl Elle Woods heads to Harvard Law to prove that staying true to yourself never goes out of style.

The Tempest is set on a remote island, where Prospero, the exiled Duke of Milan, plots to restore his daughter Miranda to her rightful place, using illusion and skillful manipulation.

When an aging warrior king embarks upon his next foreign battle, he leaves behind his beautiful young queen to rule an unfamiliar kingdom and care for her handsome stepson.

The dead in an Illinois graveyard relay details from their lives.

Anna, nicknamed “Mother Courage,” is determined to profit from the Thirty Years’ War as she works in the Swedish Army.

2011-12 Season

This musical about a musical tells the story of staging an elaborate production at the height of the Great Depression. Winner of the 1980 Tony Award for Best Musical and the 2001 Tony Award for Best Musical Revival.

Beatrice is the single mother of two daughters, Ruth and Tillie. Together, they try to make sense of their dysfunctional family and their abysmal status in life. This is a student-directed performance.

The Biblical saga of Joseph and his coat of many colors comes to vibrant life in this musical parable.

Greed, crime and recent history come alive in this play about the financial scandal at Enron.

Seven weekends of songs and stories. Every performance is different. Performed in an intimate cafe environment.

First produced in 431 BC, this play’s themes of passion, love and vengeance are as fresh as ever.

When business partners sell faulty cylinder heads to the USAAF during WWII, more than warplanes crash and burn. This play marks Arthur Miller’s first commercial success. This is a student-directed production.

The Nebraska Wesleyan Theatre holiday tradition continues with even more Christmas cheer and carols this year.

This alternative, folk-infused rock musical is a modern adaptation of the 1891 German play that was banned in Germany for its explicit content. The show took home eight Tony Awards in 2007.

Like all plays, this one begins with rehearsal. The script, the actors complain, is weak. So when six masked characters arrive and beg the producer to find them an author for a new play or to insert them into whatever they’re working on now, what do they have to lose?


"100" is a play that focuses on a single memory in a person's life.

In "100," characters choose a single memory from their lives — everything else is erased. Choosing that memory is their only way of passing through eternity.

This satire on academic pretension, female education and preciousness is one of Moliere’s most popular comedies.

Nebraska Wesleyan Theatre is producing two versions of this history play at the Battle of Agincourt. One features a traditional casting while the second features a more contemporary interpretation with an all-female cast.

Nebraska Wesleyan Theatre is producing two versions of this history play at the Battle of Agincourt. One features a traditional casting while the second features a more contemporary interpretation with an all-female cast.

2010-11 Season

This 2002 one-act off-Broadway musical follows the five-year relationship between Jamie, a novelist, and Cathy, an actress.

This boisterous musical is a tongue-in-cheek reinterpretation of the 1936 film warning against the pitfalls of “reefer madness.”

This Pulitzer Prize winning play follows the relationship between Li’l Bit and her Uncle Peck.

This ancient Greek story is reshaped for contemporary audiences by acclaimed Irish novelist and playwright Edna O’Brien.

This 1965 play captures the relationship between Felix Ungar, an uptight neat freak, and Oscar Madison, his slovenly and messy roommate.

Written in 1985, The Female Odd Couple is Neil Simon’s female version of his play The Odd Couple.

Oklahoma! is the first “book musical” ever written. Set in Claremore, Oklahoma! follows the love story of Curly McLain and Laurey Williams.

Romeo and Juliet has variously been called “the greatest love story of all time”, a “lyric tragedy”, and a “hymn to youth, to passion, to speed, to danger.”

This classic play captures the spirit of what Christmas should be.

James “Sharky” Harkin is an alcoholic who’s moved in with his blind and aging brother, Richard.

Dead Man’s Cell Phone is a 2008 comedy about the power that a piece of technology can have over our lives.

Bobby is 35 and single. Several of his friends and ex-girlfriends come together to celebrate his birthday.

Rather than a linear story, Stein envisioned a poetic landscape centering on the characters of Sweet William and his Lillian.

The Mousetrap, written by “the Queen of Crime,” is the world’s longest running play.

This play brings back to life the enchanting characters of E.B. White’s highly acclaimed children’s book.

Todd, a barber, meets Mrs. Lovett who owns a pie shop beneath Todd’s old home. Both work together to get revenge on the world by killing as many people as they can and baking them into Mrs. Lovett’s pies.

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