Progress Evaluation and Retention

The Program Director maintains a student file containing application materials, grade reports, grade checks, and course progress information. Evaluations take place during academic advising each semester. Each student must complete grade checks as assigned throughout each semester. The clinical coordinator maintains a clinical portfolio for each student. This contains: copies of documented clinical hours, clinical instructor and approved clinical instructor evaluations, master competencies lists for the six clinical education courses, proficiency tracking, immunization verification, physical examination verification, admission and selection materials, and descriptions of any extra clinical experiences the student obtains. This file is available to the student the last semester prior to graduation for graduate school and/or job application processes.

Each student in the Nebraska Wesleyan University Athletic Training Education Program must meet the following requirements to retain their position in the program:

  1. Show normal progress towards completion of required courses for a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training. The program defines normal progress as a "C" (2.00) or higher in all coursework relevant to a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training.
    • A student may petition to have a leave of absence from academic and clinical requirements for not more than one semester and must make the request in writing to the Program Director.
  2. Maintain an overall minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75.
  3. Follow all policies and procedures of the NWU ATEP.
  4. Students are expected to complete a minimum of 150 clock hours of clinical experiences a semester. Those students who do not meet this minimal requirement will be expelled from the program and must re-apply in the spring for re-admission.

If a student does not maintain the above stated requirements he/she will be placed on probation for one semester.

Probationary Status

Progressive development, academically and clinically are the goals of the NWU ATEP. At the end of the semester, any Athletic Training Student who doesn't meet the retention requirements will be placed on "Academic Probation" for one semester and will be notified via a formal letter that will also be placed in their file. The following procedure will be followed when a student is placed on probation due to GPA falling below 2.75:

  • The student must meet with the program director regarding their academic status. The student's cause for probation will be reviewed by the Program Director and Clinical Coordinator. After review the Program Director, Clinical Coordinator, and Department Chair will determine whether or not the student may continue in their clinical education experiences during the following semester on academic probation. While on probation the ATS will forfeit their Athletic Training Grant
  • At the end of the probationary semester the student's academic standing will be reviewed by the Program Director and Clinical Coordinator. If the student's GPA is above minimum requirement at the end of the probationary semester and he/she is meeting all academic requirements, then he/she will be removed from probation and return to good standing. If the student's GPA is not above the minimum requirement and he/she is not meeting all academic requirements, then he/she will be removed from the ATEP. The student may apply for readmission to the ATEP but will be based on the admission criteria listed in this handbook.

When a student does not pass a course in the ATEP (or receives below a C), the student cannot take any other ATEP courses until the student has passed the failed course the following year. The student will not be able to take part in any clinical education experiences until the class has been passed.