Business, Accounting and Economics Department

The Department of Business, Accounting and Economics prepares leaders, problem-solvers and communicators. The department integrates business fundamentals with practical experience and a broad liberal arts perspective.

This combination gives students the versatility they need in a global marketplace.

  • Introductory classes average 25-30 students; upper level courses average 15.
  • Department graduates continue their education or choose from unlimited career paths.
  • Students explore career paths and network through internships.
  • Students personalize their degrees through elective courses.

Department graduates have been successful in a variety of environments from small, locally-owned businesses to global corporations. Some choose to attend graduate school, primarily in law or business, while others move into promising career fields including:

  • Marketing and sales
  • Finance, banking and investments
  • Public and private accounting
  • Management consulting
  • Marketing (domestic and international)
  • Human resource management

The business administration program is nationally accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs for the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees with a major in Business Administration.

The Department of Business, Accounting and Economics is on the second floor of the Smith-Curtis Classroom-Administration Building.