Professional and Graduate Studies


Our Biology Curriculum is designed to give students a broad introduction into the Biological Sciences. The Curriculum contains four basic requirements:

1. Core biology courses.

All majors take Biology of Plants, Biology of Animals, Cell Biology, and Genetics during the first two years.

2. Electives from three areas in biology.

Students will take at least four additional courses in biology during their junior and senior years. These must be distributed across three areas: Molecular/Cellular, Organismal, and Ecological/Evolutionary/Taxonomic.

3. Supporting field of non-biology science courses.

For a B.S. degree in biology, students will take two years of chemistry, one year of physics, and calculus.

Four majors and one minor are offered through the Department of Biology:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Biology;
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology;
  • Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology;
  • Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
  • Biology Minor