Preparing for Medical or Dental School Acceptance


  • You will be required to schedule an appointment for an interview with two committee members. Dates and times will be posted. This interview is primarily to help the committee get to know you better so that we may compose the best possible collated letter for you.
  • Schedule an appointment with the Career and Counseling Center for a mock interview in the spring if you plan to apply early decision. If you will be applying regular decision, you will be required to attend two interview workshops conducted by the career center in October.


  1. Download and complete the NWU Medical School Application packet (PDF) or the NWU Dental School Application packet (PDF) and return it to Professor Cindy Marolf, Olin 215, by June 1. This packet consists of three forms: an access waiver and consent form, personal data form, and list of schools you will be applying to.
  2. Fill out the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS), the American Association of Osteopathic application services (AACOMAS) or the Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS) web forms.
    • Be neat and proofread.
    • Check and re-check spelling as admissions representatives will count the number of misspelled words in your application. Follow the directions! The deadline for filing your application depends on the school you select (see below). These applications will take you approximately one week to fill out and will then take 4-6 weeks to process and be sent to your designated school(s).
    • The application services act as a central national clearinghouse. They send your application to the schools you designate. Most U.S. medical and dental schools are members; others have their own application processes. Try to complete these applications THIS SUMMER. Most schools have rolling admissions, so the earlier you apply the better. Deadlines are as follows:
      AMCAS August 1 - Early Decision
      November 1 (most schools) - Regular Decision
      AACOMAS February (most schools)
      AADSAS February 1 (UNMC)
    • Submit materials as early as possible to avoid processing delays and missed deadlines. Processing does not begin until all required official transcripts are received and the application completed. Official Transcripts (OT) must be received within 14 calendar days after the application deadline. You will need to request that an official transcript is sent from each school you have attended.
    • Dental applicants: it is extremely important that you complete your application this summer. Dental schools begin interviewing in early September and may have their classes filled by December first.

Early Decision for Medical Schools

If you are planning to apply early decision to medical school, you may apply to only one school and are making a commitment to attend this school if you are accepted early. You should ONLY apply early decision if you have the MCAT and GPA scores to back it up. If, by chance, you are not accepted early, your application is "rolled over" to the general applicant pool and you may return to your AMCAS application to apply to more schools. You will be informed by October 1 if you are accepted.