Activities Report

August 2014 Activities


1 Welcome reception for Bill Motzer
1 Prairie Wolves Summer: Ice Cream Social
8 Farewell for Pam Johnson
12 Strategic Plan Coordinating Group
12 Finances and Budgeting Group
13 Reception for new UC/MBA students Greeting
14 New employee orientation greeting
15 Attended The Wedding Singer
18 Opening Assembly with all Staff
18 Presentation by Dr. Corey Keyes, Emory University
18 Kick-off of the Archway Curriculum
19 New International Student Orientation Greeting
19 NWU Blueprint for Student Success and Retention
20 New students move in
20 Matriculation Convocation/First Walk/Picnic
24 Sunday Fun Day
25 Lunch with Provost and members of NWU staff
25 Coffee with a friend of NWU
26 Meeting and lunch with a friend of NWU
26 Meeting with friends of NWU
29 Lunch with a friend of NWU


2 Dinner with an Alumna and friends of NWU at Wesleyan House
5 Attended NET Dinner in honor of Ron Hull
6 John Armstrong Memorial Service
8 First National Bank Alumni lunch in Omaha
8 MBA Celebration downtown
12 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in Omaha
13 Rod Bates Hall of Fame Event downtown
14 Débutante Ball, in honor of curricular threads
15 Greater Omaha Chamber Board Meeting in Omaha
15 Meeting in Omaha with a friend of NWU
15 Lunch in Omaha with an Alumna of NWU
16 Dinner with friends of NWU downtown
21 The Lincoln Public Schools Career Academy Night at the Ballpark/VIP Reception
22 Opening University Dinner
27 New Faculty Dinner at Wesleyan House
28 NET Commission Meeting
28 Meeting with friend of NWU
30 Dinner with an Alumna and friend of NWU in Boston, MA
31 Meeting with an Alumna and friend of NWU in Washington, DC